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Re: [Rdo-list] packstack --all-in-one uninstallation on centos 7.2 Mitaka OpenStack

> From: rdo-list-bounces redhat com [mailto:rdo-list-bounces redhat com] On Behalf Of aung
> Subject: [Rdo-list] packstack --all-in-one uninstallation on centos 7.2 Mitaka OpenStack

> I installed using "packstack --allinone" on centos 7.2. Now, I would like to uninstall this. 

> Have any solution for just only one command line uninstallation like asĀ  "packstack --allinone" or other solution ?
> Thanks in advance. 
> All the best,
> -Aung

There was a script called big hammer which would remove everything. As RDO evolved, the script did not, as I found when removing my Liberty install and moving to Mitaka. In particular, there are many new packages which were not removed. Since packstack does installs, not upgrades, I was left with a hodgepodge of old and new components. After running yum upgrade, I could find which components should have been removed to allow a semi-clean install.

Here is the original big hammer script:

Additional packages which needed to be removed, probably missed a few:
python2-pika_pool python2-suds python2-requestsexceptions python2-fasteners python2-pyasn1 python2-appdirs python2-PyMySQL python2-mock python2-google-api-client python2-positional python2-funcsigs python2-eventlet python2-pika python2-rsa python2-gflags python2-wsme python2-oauth2client python2-uri-templates
python2-iso8601 python2-pyasn1-modules python2-zake python-sqlparse python-greenlet python2-greenlet python-passlib python2-passlib python2-pecan python-pecan python2-singledispatch python-singledispatch facter liberasurecode mariadb-libs pyOpenSSL python-XStatic-Angular-lrdragndrop python-XStatic-Magic-Search python-XStatic-smart-table python-XStatic-termjs python-bson python-cmd2 python-django python-django-bash-completion python-django-compressor python-django-horizon python-django-pyscss python-dogpile-cache python-fixtures python-kazoo python-keyring python-netaddr python-networkx-core python-nose python-oauthlib python-osprofiler python-paste-deploy python-pyeclib python-pygments python-pymongo python-scss python-simplejson python-sphinx python-testtools python-webob python-wrapt redis mariadb-config python-linecache2 python-pathlib
python-traceback2 python-unittest2 python2-cryptography

Some extra directories (probably not all) include:
/etc/ceilometer /etc/neutron /etc/openstack-dashboard /etc/pki/galera /etc/my.cnf.d

On top of that, openvswitch remains, removing it without removing the network configuration which uses it results in a system with no network access.

One other suggestion is to not install docker components, as there is a conflict with the looparounds used by packstack and those used by docker.

John Haller

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