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[rdo-list] Instances unable to boot after finish the RDO installation successfully

Hello experts,


I’m having the a problem after deploying the openstack all in one. The installation finished OK, but when trying to start an instance it looks like the PXE boot do not find the image. The image is a cirros, and I have tried with centos as well. The same images in different openstack deployments work ok.


I have tried several deployments, even with different versions, but I have the same error again. The network looks ok, because in one of the deployments I created an external network, and I was able to ping the router I created.


I deployed another environment, the same way a month ago, and it works. My guess is there’s been some change in the code, and for that reason I’m having the error. Is there any work around to solve this?


Any help will be very welcomed.


Thanks and best regards.





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