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[rdo-list] [apex][armband] RDO / OPNFV / ARM

Update on ARM for Apex forwarding to the lists for visibility.

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: RDO / OPNFV / ARM
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 12:06:42 -0500
From: Dan Radez <dradez redhat com>
To: Dave Neary <dneary redhat com>, Haïkel <hguemar fedoraproject org>
CC: John Trowbridge <jtrowbri redhat com>, Michael Chapman
<michapma redhat com>, Tim Rozet <trozet redhat com>, Alan Pevec
<apevec redhat com>, Jon Masters <jcm redhat com>, Alvaro Lopez Ortega
<aortega redhat com>, Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru Avadanii enea com>,
Bob Monkman <Bob Monkman arm com>

On 01/18/2017 04:27 PM, Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Responding to a way-old email (seemed like a good sp[ot).
> Just checking in: Tim tells me that you are working on ARM for TripleO
> now - how is it coming along? In track? When do you expect a full Apex
> deployment on ARM?
> Thanks,
> Dave.

Good day for a check in Dave,

Note: adding Alvaro RedHat, Bob ARM and Alex ENEA 

In short:
I've made good initial progress building the base overcloud images but
do have a decent bit of ground left to cover building the undercloud,
running the apex build and actually trying to deploy with the images :)

Longer version:
As of this morning EST, I'm able to build overcloud and initram images
using a patched version of DIB and an out of the box triploclient. These
are both newton based.

*** quick back background on build process ***
1. cent produces a base cloud image
2. tripleo consumes #1 and outputs an overcloud image
3. RDO consumes #2 and produces an undercloud image
4. OPNFV Apex consumes #2 and #3 and produces Apex over and under cloud
5. deploy OPNFV from Apex images
*** end quick back background on build process ***

I used an upstream CentOS Cloud image which needed a partition
modification. (Thx trown for debug help and jperrin for super quick
turnaround rebuilding) I currently build the tripleo images with
though that image will replace the one at:
http://cloud.centos.org/altarch/7/images/aarch64/ once the monthly build

>From there I'm using the standard epel, delorean and delorean-deps repos
for newton with the exception that there's a qemu repo defined in one of
those that needs to be disabled because it's x86_64 only and DIB needs
an aarch64 support patch.

DIB_CLOUD_IMAGES="https://people.centos.org/jperrin/"; \
/etc/yum.repos.d/delorean-newton.repo  /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo" \
openstack overcloud image build --all --node-arch aarch64

This reports that the overcloud-full and agent-ramdisk images
successfully. I have not tried to deploy with them yet.

Next step is to produce the aarch64 equivalent undercloud image that RDO
posts with these images for x86_64 and I will start to pump all teh
aarch64 images into the apex build process once I have the undercloud.

Many thanks thus far to Brian Stinson and Jim Perrin of CentOS and John
Trowbridge from RDO and AlexAvadanii of the armband project/enea. These
guys have been instrumental in helping me get & support build hardware,
sort out a few package issues, rebuild the base cloud image and debug
the initial builds.

Just FYI,
I've been building on a VM on community armband hardware. This has
worked well thus far and I should be able to complete my builds on this
setup. Though I'll need a piece of Baremetal to actually test deploys on.

Currently in flight I am trying to get CentOS imported into beaker
@RedHat so I have a piece of Baremetal to deploy on when I get to that
point. I have an asiancat box on loan via beaker RedHat that I intend to
use to deploy on once I have my images built.

I'm not sure I have an estimation of when things will be ready, I think
I'll have the disk images ready to pump into Apex build some time next
week and will be able to make another estimation of when I'll be able to
start testing deploys once I make some progress on the apex builds.

So best estimation is still a few weeks out before we get close.


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