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Re: [redhat-ccm-list] how to debbug pdl


Normally validation of pdl is done during startup, so syntax errors are
be caught on startup.  Wrong queries or operation will show up on the
log files, it should also tell what the db has returned as the error. 
You can also see the query and the bind variable values, so its possible
to cut and paste and run the query by hand.  If you are looking at a
performance problem, turning on developer support will help a lot.  Hope
this helps.



I do recommend to build complex queries out of rhea and use your
favorite db tools.  After finishing and testing the query then cut and
paste to the pdl file.  Change the needed parameters to bind vars.  Its
easier that way.

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 17:34, mukeshprasad_ddn wrote:
> hi is there any way to debbuing the pdl files through command line or what ever you konw plz give me solution   mukesh
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