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Re: [redhat-ccm-list] Community update

Improving the home page is on my todo list, but as with everyone's todo list, it's kind of long. But we'll move it to CVS and then others will be able to commit to it, too.


Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 08:18:24AM -0400, Richard Li wrote:

The Byline Wiki is at


Richard, any idea if its possible to make the Wiki appear as the front
page when browsing to http://byline.objectweb.org/. I guess we could
make it simply 301 redirect the page ?

Yes it's possible but what's the idea behind this one? So that anyone can modify the front page and that it has all the standard Wiki stuff on the side? (I'd like to avoid cluttering the front page up with all that random stuff that Wiki puts on the side.)

I was just thinking that the Wiki had all the interesting content on it & the homepage is rather sparse by comparison. So rather than having some manually put interesting stuff on the homepage every time its added to the wiki, we could just main one Wiki page. I agree that we wouldnt really want that side bar present though. I had thought it was just in <frame>s but looking close its all one page which is a pity :-(


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