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[redhat-ccm-list] Announcement: Byline-dev, source code, etc


A few announcements regarding Byline:

1. A new mailing list, byline-dev, has been created. You can subscribe by sending email to byline-dev-subscribe objectweb org

2. All the sources for Byline have been imported into a Subversion tree that has anonymous read-only access. We've also locked down the internal development source tree, so all new development will be immediately available upon commit in the Subversion tree.

3. All the sources have been relicensed under the LGPL.

4. A Wiki for Byline is available. Some volunteers have started working on a Developer Quick Start for building Byline from source checkout. See the Wiki at: http://wiki.objectweb.org/byline/.

5. A lot of work remains to be done. We've started using the Byline task tracker to keep track of TODOs: http://forge.objectweb.org/pm/?group_id=143.

6. If there's anything you'd like to work on or a suggestion, please post. I'm also hoping to get volunteers to start looking into merging their patches into the tree. I've written a short little Patch Submission process on the wiki: http://wiki.objectweb.org/byline/Wiki.jsp?page=PatchSubmission. I'd also like to add more committers once we have a policy in place for how to nominate and allow people as committers.


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