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Re: IPX: Network number collision

On Sat, 5 Apr 1997, Stephen Speicher x2783 wrote:

> Under RedHat4.1 I have a 3c509b ethernet card working on our network but 
> /var/log/messages is being filled every couple seconds with this message:
>   IPX: Network number collision 5
>           eth0 802.2 and eth0 EtherII
> I couldn't find any explanation in the NET or IPX HOWTO's but I did find
> where the message is generated in af_ipx.c
> Does anyone know exactly what this message means and what I have to do
> about it?

It means you have two (logical) networks under IPX that have the same
network number.

Haven't dug into it so how it can be changed is unknown to me.


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