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Re: hda: irq timeout: status=0x58

On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Joshua Gerth wrote:

> >           begin start end   Blocks  Id   System
> > hdb1        1     1    39    16644  82   Linux swap
> > hdb2       40    40   135    41040  83   Linux native
> > hdb3      136   136   790   280012+ 83   Linux native
> > 
> > hdb2 was created to contain the root (/) filesystem.
> > hdb3 was intended to contain the /usr  filesystem.
> > 
> > (This time, I used command 'a' to toggle the Boot mode--unimportant?)
> 	I doubt if this is what is causing your problem but.... On nearly
> every Unix system I have set up (SUN, DIGITAL, SEQUENT, SGI, and now
> Linux)  they all suggest (or nearly all) that you make / for first
> partition, and swap your second partition.  Also, from everything I have
> seen/read the bootable flag is very important.  I was able to get Linux
> running on 4 PC's with something close to the following: 
> hdb1	50Mb	Linux native 	/	(bootable)
> hdb2	128Mb	Linux swap
> hdb3	350Mb	Linux native	/usr
> hdb4	(Extended)
> hdb5	200Mb	Linux native	/var
> hdb6	300Mb	Linux native	/home

There is NO need to have the partitions in any particular order unless the
1024 cylinder boundry could be crossed by the root partition.

The only thing I am wondering is wether a combination of an EIDE and an
IDE drive could be causing problems on some controllers. 


PS: I don not have any IDE problems as I don't have IDE on my main system.
It seems some people think I do have problems as well . ;-)

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