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Re: Sound Card problem


  To get ahold of that irq, I would try a plain jane dos 6.x boot disk
with 'msd' on it.  
	After that, I would first dig through your pile of driver disks and see
if the sound card came with a flash-configurating floppy disk- these
will often let you turn off plug and play, select an irq and i/o
address, etc.. I would next try changing the slot of the card on the
isa/pci bus, if your motherboard supports plug and play features in the
CMOS, or alternatively turning off the plug and play support in your
motherboard's CMOS altogether (sometimes both is necessary).
	It is gonna be a mountain of a task resolving your problem without
first getting a predictable, consistent, and verifiable, irq.


Martin Andersen wrote:
> Hi!
> It seems that my sound card on my sisters PC here doesn't work properly.
> It is a lame ESS Audiodrive 1880 (or something).
> After quite a bit of IRQ struggling I got it "working".
> By that I mean that I normally get sound, but sometimes it
> throws a
> kernel: Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?
> message into /var/log/messages.
> If you've tried the x11amp program, you (might) notice that it uses
> direct-to-IRQ output, and therefore must be SUID root. Now;
> because of this it is unable to output any sound at all.
> I am definately sure that the IRQs isn't configured correctly, but
> trying to get it to use IRQ 7 instead of 5, which is what I am using
> now, does not help.
> IRQ 7 is what Suxx'95 says it is using anyway, but when I changed
> it to use IRQ 5, Linux wanted to use IRQ 7! :)
> Of course this sound card is a "&"#%#& Plug & Pray card, so that
> is prolly the reason that it isn't working right.
> I've tried isapnptools, but it didn't detect anything (using
> `pnpdump'). Now it just hangs my whole system when using it. :/
> Any ideas?
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