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Re: Can't find install tree problem

On Sat, 15 Feb 1997, Pavel Galynin wrote:

> I begin wondering whether you have any means of visual perception (eyes)
> or not. I wrote that my FAT is FAT16, I also wrote that I install and
> not upgrade. That implies, of course only to the most logical of us,
> that I don't have RedHat installed and, therefore, don't have X-Windows
> and cannot have any virtual consoles.

You DO have vitual consoles!!! I know as I used them to find out what the
heck goes wrong during FTP install. Just try AltF1 AltF3 during
installation. At a certain point it will give you the F3 console. I use
the two disks to boot up and do a FTP install. Should work similar with
harddisk install. No X needed. Virtual console DON'T have anything to do
with X11.
> I also recall writing, that I tried putting it in all directories I
> could think of. I would greatly appreciate it, if you finally, contrary
> to your continuing habit of giving useless and obvious advice where in
> depth insight is needed, would come up with something that actually
> WOULD help.

The obvious things are still most suspectable to failures or mistakes. The
way you described the FAT system used made it unclear wether or not you
used FAT 16 or just had used FAT32 and got reported FAT16.

Use Alt-F3 to see what goes wrong and we might provide detailed and
accurate help. I will give it a shot with my second system to see what
goes on during FAT16 install.


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