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Installing with SCSI SCAM hard drive

I'm trying to install Red Hat 4.0 on a co-worker's system.  He has a new
Gateway system with a 2940 UW SCSI card and a Seagate something that seems
to use something called SCSI Configured AutoMatically (SCAM -- a well-deserved
acronym it seems to me).

The power on screens (before anything is booted) shows that the CD-ROM has
ID 0 and the hard drive has ID 15.  If I try turning off SCAM using the
SCSI utility, the hard drive does not show up at all.

This setup works fine for NT, but now he wants a dual boot setup with

Anyway, I had to use an alternate boot image to see the SCSI card.  Once
I did, when booting from the floppy, I get messages about the SCSI card.
It shows the CD-ROM but does not show the hard drive.

I run through the screens, but when it gets to the point of trying to
partition (after asking if I want to install or upgrade), it starts to reboot
(presumably because it didn't find a hard drive).

I looked through the archives; the only messages there seemed to say that
SCAM is sometimes required and that it assigns an ID.  There didn't seem
to be any messages about what happens if Linux can't see it.

I would appreciate any help with boot parameters or whatever in finding
this hard drive.


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