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Re: Problem w/5.1 ftp install

According to the information on /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/tulip.c, these
cards require an IRQ line to work.  It seems that your BIOS is not
assigning the pci card an interrupt.  Tell your BIOS that you are not
using a Plug-and-Play OS, and have it assign an interrupt line to the slot
the nic is inserted on.  Make sure that the interrupt line it gets is not
used by anything else (/proc/interrupts again).  Then, see if this works.

Otherwise, you have to somehow get ifconfig, route, and dmesg and check

Hope this helps,


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On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, John Oliver wrote:

> At 02:43 PM 7/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Did I say Alt-F2?  Yes...looks like I did! Stupid me.  I should have said
> >(Alt-F3, Alt-F4).  Check that one too, you will find additional info
> >there.
> Okay, here's Alt-F4:
> <4>Adding Swap: 130500k swap-space (prority -1)
> <6>tulip.c:v0.88 4/7/98 becker cesdis gsfc nasa gov
> <6>eth0: Digital DS21140 Tulip at 0x6100, 00 40 05 42 03 64, IRQ 255.
> <6>eth0:  EEPROM default media type Autosense.
> <6>eth0:  Index #0 - Media MII (#11) described by a 21140 MII PHY (1) block.
> <6>eth0:  MII transceiver found at MDIO address 8, config 3100 status 7869.
> <6>eth0:  Advertising 01e1 on PHY 8, previously advertising 01e1.
> >Anyway, go to your command prompt and check to see if the card is really
> >configured (with ifconfig and route).  Also, check the contents of (at
> >least)  /proc/pci, /proc/interrupts, /proc/dma, /proc/modules,
> >/proc/ioports, /proc/modules, and /proc/net/dev.
> route: not found
> ifconfig: not found
> cat /proc/pci - card looks OK
> cat /proc/interrupts - doesn't show card (because it sees it at IRQ 255)
> cat proc/modules - tulip    6    0
> cat /proc/ioports - 6100-617f : Digital DS21140 Tulip
> cat /proc/net/dev - shows lo and eth0, both with all 0s.
> >Check for conflicts or anything strance, specially with the interrupts,
> >and maybe dma.
> None apparent.
> >Check for the output of dmesg.
> dmesg: not found
> >The eht0 messages only indicate that the kernel is seing the card.  The
> >behavior you are describing is consistent with the kernel seing the nic
> >but not being able to use it because of some resource, most likely
> >interrupt, conflict.
> Well, I can't see any indication of a conflict of any sort.  Does any of
> the info I've given suggest another course of action?
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