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Re: RH 5.1 anomolies???

> > Have installed RH 5.0, and two different versions of 5.1.  First comment

>     You mean they did this AGAIN???

>     This just about blows Red Hat's credibility!  Either they have to ship
> a replacement CD set to the owners of previous 5.1's or call it 5.2!!!

    That said, I would at least expect them to add a sticker like version
5.1b to their package and CD.

    I would think there is nothing wrong with having a standard box and
standard manual for each major release number, and a sticker indicating
5.1, 5.2, 5.2b, etc. as needed.  That way they would save on their
printing costs, and we would know when it was maybe worth while buying
another CD set.  Some of us don't mind paying for another upgrade when we
KNOW it is an upgrade, and NEED it to do paying work.  Between contracts,
we sit on our keyboards and don't buy anything.

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