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Re: ipopd


I had the same problem too.  As a work aroung (to calm the rage of my
users) I used the telproxy program to redirect the port 25 of my server
into the port 25 of my ISP until I found the fix.  It worked wonderfully.

The fix was, essentially, to change the /etc/sendmail.cf and
/etc/sendmail.cw files, and restart sendmail.

Right now, if I had the same trouble, assuming the I wanted to set up a
server for domain.com on IP, this is what I would try:

In /etc/sendmail.cf:


In /etc/sendmail.cw:


If this doesn't work, you might want to download qmail and install that

Hope this helps,


Victor R. Rivarola                These words are mine and mine only, they
victor sisteco com py             do not necessarily represent the views
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SISTECO Paraguay S.R.L.

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Claudius Li wrote:

> I just installed the imap package on the mail server at work. Everything
> seems to work fine except that when people try to use popmail clients like
> eudora they can receive messages but when they try to send messages they
> get a response saying
> 551 <user host domain>... we do not relay
> any help would be appreciated
> 				-Claudius Li
> 				 aprentic retina min net
> 				 410-662-8092
> 				 PGP key at http://retina.min.net/~aprentic

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