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Re: Please just let me know what I am facing.

Apparently, your kernel got corrupted on disk.

If your system is IDE (most likely, since you are dealing with a
notebook), just use the boot floppy and at the prompt type in these
parameters (assuming Linux is on /dev/hda1, if not, put the right
partition in):

root=/dev/hda1 noinitrd

And boot the system from the floppy.  Then, you can recompile your kernel
and install it again.  It should work.

Hope this helps,


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On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Abed M. Hammoud wrote:

> Hello everyone, please at least give me some comments about what has
> happened to my system, what my options are and how if possible to
> fix the problem.
> When I boot my system (an IBM thinkpad 385) I get the following
> message:
> LiLo boot:
> Loading Linux.....
> Uncompressing Linux....
> Invalid compression format (err=1)
> -- System halted.
> what can I do to recover my system. I just upgraded "downgraded" to
> RH 5.1. I had 5.0 running like a charm. I have win95 on the computer
> and its working fine. I can boot into win95 using the os/2 boot
> manager. I don't have a rescue disk, but I have the bootdisk that
> I used to upgrade the system with.
> Thanks, please help me
> Abed
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