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Re: redhat can not see all my memory

well, this isn't too dificult a problem to solve, I mostly run into this
problem on compaqs, and computers with mem > 64MB  the simple solution is to
force the kernel to see the memory..


from here you would normaly type linux.. 

boot: linux mem=64M

if that works, and you don't get any kernel panics. you can add that to your
/etc/lilo.conf so you don't have to type that in every time.

add the line:

append = "mem=64M"

all done.. not dificult at all

the problem comes from the compaq bios, normal bios configuration allows for an
option "memory hole at 15-16MB for OS/2"  the compaq bios has no option for
that hole.. so it may be doing some wierd things to determin if you are needing
the OS/2 memory hole or not

On 04-Jul-98 Zoki wrote:
> On Sat, 4 Jul 1998, leo guzman wrote:
> ->I just install RH 5 on a Compaq prosignia 500, it has 64 megs installed
> ->which worked fine under nt 4, but linux only sees about 14 megs.  I also
> ->have a 64 meg swap partition on the hard drive.
> ->When I run top, it shows something like this:
> ->
> ->Mem:        14684K av,      14220K used,    464K free.......
> ->Swap:       65516K av,      14680K used,  etc.....
> ->
> *** This really beats me! It looks strongly to some bad RAM but if you say
> it worked under NT...!? BTW, how did you check that under NT? What I would
> do is test the RAM by talking it out one by one and see which modules
> cause the problem. Just wait a bit more before you start doing this, maybe
> you'll get some feedback from somebody who experienced this problem
> before.
> Zoki.
> If it says "requires Windows 95 or better", install Linux.
> Mailed with Linux & Pine.
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