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RE: SB AWE 32 Install **

i'll answer both your questions in one shot.. (hopefully)  there are freeware
AWE32 drivers, you should be able to find them by searching the linux software
map,.. http://www.linux.org/help/lsm.html

or i think is a better solution, purchase the OSS/linux full version from
http://www.4front-tech.com  it's $20, you buy one license, it gives you free
updates for life, and all the support for just about every sound card out
there.. a very good product, at an outstanding price (i don't work for them.. i
just love the product :)

now for the fist question.. it depends.. i'm not sure if redhat default
installs support for SMP, but it's not too dificult.. 

install the latest kernel source.. (2.0.34) from

once extracted into /usr/src, you can edit the Makefile with whatever editor 
you wish.. (vi, joe, pico, emacs)

simply uncomment the line #SMP = 1  (remove the #)

you can also read about SMP in 

here's a quote from /usr/src/linux/Makefile
# For SMP kernels, set this. We don't want to have this in the config file
# because it makes re-config very ugly and too many fundamental files depend
# NOTE! SMP is experimental. See the file Documentation/SMP.txt
# SMP = 1
# SMP profiling options
# SMP_PROF = 1

On 05-Jul-98 Ken Walenta wrote:
> I have Red Hat 5.1 and a SB AWE 32, how do I install support for the
> soundcard????  The card was in the machine at the time I installed RH5.1 but
> I don't think support was installed for the card.
> Ken
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