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Re: PPP module

Jack Coates wrote:
> Okay, I've recompiled my kernel to include PPP as a definite, not a module.
> But it doesn't show up in dmesg at all, and Xconsole keeps posting errors:
> This system lacks kernel support for PPP.

Are you sure that your new kernel is being booted and not your old one? 
Are you using LILO?  If so, make sure your lilo.conf is looking for your
new kernel.  Better yet, modify it so you can boot your old and new
kernel, so you can reboot your old kernel in the event your new one

> I've checked in kerneld, but there's no option to add a PPP module there.
> The README.linux for PPP-2.2.3 mentions an installation process which
> relies on a ./configure file and a .kinstall file? I don't have either. Any
> ideas?
> Jack
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