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Re: automounter

At 10:17 7/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Johnoel Ancheta wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am having problems understanding the way autofs work.
>> So, I decided to try and automout a NFS filesystem with
>> /usr/sbin/automount /home yp sunsystem:/exportdir
>> But nothing happens.
>> Any clues.
>I seem to be the de facto autofs person around these parts.  ;^)

That only because you are always the first one to answer !   :-)

>There are a few things to look at:
>1. Kernel support.  autofs has mention in the kernel config.
>   I think this is neccessary, but it may not be.
> [...]
>	- Kevin Colby
>	  kevin marcal com

Not only IS it necessary,  as of kernel 2.0.34 it is still experimental,
that if you don't select the 'Show experimental config options' when doing a 
make config, you will not even see the option to enable it.  

I've only automounted my CDROM and floppy drives.  So if there are any
caveats with mounting shared NFS/Samba partions (syntax aside) then 
I'll use your eloquent posting for assistance.


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