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Re: Why is system linux so slow?

Chip Rose. wrote:
> Netscape is veerrrry slow in loading, Emacs makes the computer thrash
> getting loaded in my NEC Pentium 100mhz with 24mb RAM and 25mb Linux Swap,
> etc.  Things take a long time to load, and thrash a lot.
> Win95 loads Word97 and MSIE4.1 instantly, with no thrashing - very fast.

When you say "long time" is this minutes or seconds?

A fair comparison would be Netscape 4.0 in Win95 vs. Netscape 4.0 on Linux.
I find the Netscape is slow even on a Sun Ultra SPARC

More importent then time to load is how the applications respond
interactively.  If there is a big diference between Netscape 4.0
on the two OSes then you may have a problem with your setup and
can try messing with hdparm and whatever.
> I thought my Linux setup would be faster or at least equal.  Have I missed
> something?  Help!
> Thanks,
> Chip Rose.
> ncrose exis net
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