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Re: Prestine kernel

That's pristine, not prestine.

Pristine is a word that means something like "original" and/or
"unmodified".  The reason I used that word is that RedHat's kernel have
been modified, and is not a standard Linux kernel. 

The modifications should not affect most apps, as the way I understand
them they only changed the module system, that's why RedHat Linux is still
Linux.  But it is a modified Linux.

Linux 2.0.35 is already out.  You can try to download that one instead.  

The standard place to download the kernels is from ftp.kernel.org.  Most
likely, the directory will be: /pub/kernel/v2.0.  I usually download my
kernels from sunsite.  The URL there will be
ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/kernel/v2.0  (It just so happens that
sunsite is network-wise closer to me than any of its mirrors, ok?).
However, sunsite is not carrying 2.0.35 yet.

Hope this helps,


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On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Patrick Donker wrote:

> As suggested by Victor Rivarola, I have put up the quest on finding the
> prestine 2.0.34 kernel on ftp.kernel.org.
> Without any luck! I've done serveral queries on numerous search engines,
> but no kernel;(
> Anyone kan lend me a copy???
> Thanks
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