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RE: Boot Failure After Installation -- Rebuttal

Being new to this list and new to Linux does not necessarily mean that I am
new to computers or to software in general.  I am not.  I am a working
professional who has been in this business for quite a long while now.
Unfortunately for me, I live in a country where much of the information
about software is printed in a language I do not as yet understand.  Knowing
this, I went to the only resource currently available, the Internet, to find
an answer to my question from those more knowledgeable than I.  I had no
idea that there was such a thing as a "bad" question or one that members of
this list would find it beneath their dignity to grace with an answer.
Even with searching FAQ files, I have not as yet found the answer I need but
I will not trouble this list with my genuine problem any longer.  

I can only hope that when the time comes that you have a question you can't
answer on your own that you are treated with more courtesy and respect than
I was when I had my question.  


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	From:	Melissa Davidson [SMTP:kat eclipse net]
	Sent:	Wednesday, July 29, 1998 03:14 AM
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	Subject:	Re: Boot Failure After Installation

	you should apologive you stupid fuck... i have important things to
do and
	do not have time to read your questions.... next time you should pay
	attention you fuckwit


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