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Re: Modem Failure

mikael l andersson sodra se wrote:
> I have recently installed RedHat5.1 and i had an problem when i'm
> trying to connect to internet, my modem (Telix 33.6, Hayes chipset
> i believe) only says there is not Dailtone...!

No dialtone?  Are you sure you're accessing the right serial port?
What does /dev/modem link to?  What COM is the modem on?

> I have also followed the Discussion about Melissa, and i have only one
> thing to say about this, that this problem accrued in every single e-mail
> list, since i am also in a "Swedish" e-mail list, and there is also such
> persons evolved...
> Remember all have been beginner, even the "elite"

Hey, that's "ElItE", buddy.  ;^)

I don't mean to crowd the list with yet another condemnation,
so I thought I'd piggy-back mine on this legit question.
Melissa's attitude is certainly _not_ the prevelant one here.
I help many newbies personally, even with questions that have
been asked a thousand times.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevin marcal com

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