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Re: CDR CDROM not valid

>I just downloaded RedHat 5.1 (only the i386 dir.'s) and made a CDROM
>with the files on it.

Oops.  I bet you used ftp to transfer the files, one at a time.

>Now I just start the installation from the bootdisk (which i build with
>the Rawrtite utility) and select 
>the local CDROM as source I get the message that "That CDROM device does
>not seem to contain
>a RedHat CDROM". 
>I imagine that it has something to do with a volume name or a specific
>directory structure.

You didn't say under which operating system you created the disk.  If you did
it under Windoze95, then you'll have file name case problems.  Otherwise
you have problem with symbolic links and file permissions.

The directory structure of the ftp'd files MUST match the directory
structure of the RedHat site.

The first CD I ever cut also didn't work.  Once I got the structure right,
it worked just fine.

BTW, you just made a nice coaster for your coffee cup.

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