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RE: 11.5 GB and Linux

On 31-Jul-98 Tae Pyong Yang Kim claimed:
> I am one of many who need Microsoft to get on with my daily chores. 
> However, Linux can beat Microsoft anyday in speed. Anyhow, I just got a 
> new 11.5 GB drive and I partitioned it into 3 parts. I use System 
> Commander to run both OS's (much more convenient than LILO). 
> However, when I tried to write boot loader into the first sector of the 
> partition, it said there was an unexpected error. 
> While I cannot see any specific error messages with the RedHat install, 
> I can't describe you the situation in detail. 
> If any of you guys know of this problem and can help me so that I can 
> install this thing. Please let me know... So far the only thing that 
> works with the 11.5 GB drive in Win98... even WinNT doesn't like the 
> 11.5 GB drive... hrmm... help! thanks

Multiple complaints about this have surfaced.

Use the boot disk or rescue disk or install disk or loadlin or something to
get into linux. Run /sbin/lilo after making sure /etc/lilo.conf is correct
(which it probably is already). Then all should be well again.

Who are the Brain Police?

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