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Re: Installation on Compaq Professional Workstation 5000?

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Henry Katz wrote:

> >    You'll notice the same thing for the Kingston KNE-100 ethernet cards.
> > They're excellent cards, but there is "no support"  for them in the
> > install.  What we had to do was do a little digging and we found out that
> > the KNE-100's use the DEC Tulip chiset on them, which was supported by the
> > RH 5.1 install disks.   I dunno what chipset your embedded ethernet card
> > uses, but you might luck out if the disks support the chipset by chipset
> > name, not necessarily by "card manufacturer" name.
> > 
> > Just a thought sir...
> Micah,
> This is an excellent thought and I have pursued this but have not yet
> determined
> who actually oem's the netflex chipset. Any suggestions?

Two thoughts.. one evil, and one not-so-evil.   Dollars-to-doughnuts, a
lot can be learned from popping the case on any hardware and giving your
motherboard the hairy eyeball.   Somewhere, probably withing a 3 or 4 inch
radius of the actual ethernet connector, there SHOULD be a chip or two (or
maybe three) that  will have the manufaturer stamped on it.   In the case
of the afore mentioned Kingston ethernet cards there is a nice big chip on
the card that has "DEC" and a part number stamped on it.  A Little digging
on the web turned up the fact that it was a Tulip chipset. 

The evil thought would be to come up with something that would auto detect
that particular chipset.   I will eb the first to admit that I an nowhere
NEAR being a Linux kernel guru, and there are a couple on this list I
hear. <grin>  So maybe there is some way of making some magical boot disk
that probes for every bloody ethernet card known to man.    The other
(very evil'er) way would be to TEMPORARLY install an OS that would
auto-detect your ethernet card and possibly give you a little more
information.  (OS/2 Warp 4 does this very nicely...   I hear there's also
some other GUI OS out there that slowly auto-detects hardware, but I
wouldn't know about that <wink>)   

I'm no expert, and there are a couple experts on the list, so if anyone
else can improve on any of these thoughts, please do. 

			-= Micah S. 

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