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Re: Resized partition

Laurie Harper wrote:
> > Amusing.  It's a timebomb.  Use at your own risk.
> OK, that's what I needed to know :-)
> > A simple Windows "copy" from Explorer will do the trick.
> > HOWEVER, how do you get the files back?
> > You won't have networking support until _after_ Windows
> > is back up.
> Yeah, these things are a drag w/ Win95 :-) Well, since all
> that's there is the default vendor installed Windows 95
> system, with minimal configuration (just enough so the
> TCP/IP networking works), it's probably easiest to just
> do a reinstall... But I think it can wait till tomorrow.

A reinstall of Windows _will_ erase LILO from the MBR.
Make sure you have a lilo boot floppy _before_ doing so
or you _will_ regret it.  ;^)

> Thanks to everyone who responded, I now know I really
> do have to do what I thought I would have to do before
> I noticed I might not need to :-)

Actually, in light of your recently posted partition layout,
Windows _may_ be okay.  If the system is fairly fresh though,
I'd reinstall now, before it's a big deal, just in case.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevin marcal com

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