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Re: Succeeded Only Once using netcfg - ppp

At 02:10 AM 5/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>	I have installed RedHat 5.0 recently.  This is my first time to use
linux, with some experience of Unix X Windows 4 years ago.  However, I need
some help to connect to my ISP.
>	Last night, after I started X, I used netcfg and succeeded connecting to
my ISP, giving me a remote and local IP address.  I was too happy about
this because this was my first time I could use linux to connect to the
internet.  I "telnet"ed to a address in "name" and I was successful.  After
45 minutes, I disconnected (by me).
>	The strange thing is that since that time, I could never get connected
again.  I looked in /var/log/messages and find the following differences.
The first section is when I was successful.  The second one is when I
failed connecting.  I have also included the boot up messages and the full
log in the attachment.

<snip from hell>

>May  8 01:04:50 localhost gated[196]: EVENT <Add> ppp0 index 2 <Up
PointToPoint> address 802.20:0:0:0:0:0

Turn off gated.


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