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Re: Red Hat Installation Errors

::Is there not some freeware DOS utility that could test the RAM without my
::having to go through this? My fingers tend to bleed, when I mess with
::SIMMs. And if BIOS does not do a good memory check, then what difference
::would swapping SIMMs make, unless I have another utility to check it out?

Sometimes memory is detected as bad when in the first slot (or first two when paired) but not when in the other slots.  That's fine until you go to compile a
kernel and get weird errors.  

There are memory test programs, but I don't know of any free ones.  Most
people just swap the memory around.  Maybe take two that are a matched
pair (usually have to be identical - same manufacturer, same speed, etc)
and put them in the first two slots.  If it boots, I usually try compiling
a kernel to see if I get errors.  If not, I put them aside and try the
next pair.  This is a lengthy process, so sometimes I just take them to
someone who has a memory tester.  Now I am lucky enough to have 2 64MB
dimms, so I hope to have to problems with memory for a while.

Have a good day!
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