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Re: POP Server


I just finished figuring out how to setup a POP server myself.  (this is all new to me)

1)  For some reason the pop server (ipop3d) that came w/ the RH50 distribution did not get installed on my system.    After hours of trying to locate it I gave up and 
downloaded qualcomms popper program.  (makers of eudora) since it was free.  

2) When running the make program it failed with a duplicate header error and stopped compiling.  I edited the popper.h file and did a search for sys_errlist and removed 
the first occurrance and then tried to compile again.  Everything compiled errorless.  

3)  I then modified the /etc/inetd.conf file.  I replaced the pop-3 line w/
pop-3   stream  tcp     nowait  root    /qpopper2.4/popper popper

Note: change the path to wherever the popper program is located.  

I now can successfully retrieve pop email.  Hopefully this info was helpful for you.


P.S.  Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous messages... They were VERY helpful!

On Mon, 18 May 1998 17:34:41 -0700, Ron Quillin wrote:

>I've got RH5 running and for some reason the popper that came with it
>will not seem to allow 'leave mail on server' from either eudora or
>netscape.  Haven't tried other clients.  Never could get qpopper to
>Something I'm missing or doing wrong?!
>tnx, ron
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