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Re: Bad Partition Table

>> You will need a / partition that starts at 1 and ends at cylinder 1024.
>Actually, it can start and end anywhere, so long as it both starts and
>within cylinders 1-1023 (not 1024, I believe).

I keep forgetting to say that.  Normally I don't mention it so that root
can be the largest size possible :-)  If I remember correctly, stating
the end value means that it doesn't actually use that cylinder.  I could be

>> You will also need at least one 128MB swap partition.
>Depends on how much RAM he has, and what the system is for.
>128M is probably too large, in my not-so-humble opinion.

For most people you are probably correct.  But, 128MB is a drop in the
bucket for a 6.4GB disk :-)

>> Then you will need to make a /usr partition.
>> Those are the three minimum partitions.
>Actually, those aren't the minimum.
>You can get by (technically) with one alone.
>No swap, and no /usr.  I _highly_ discourage this, but you can do it.

True, but definately not recommended, which is why I didn't mention it.
Less confusion :-)

>I feel separating /var and /tmp is far more important than separating
>and cannot condone a system that does not do so.

I do not have separate /var and /tmp.  The reason being that it is really
tough to determine exactly the right space requirements.  By leaving
those two under /, each can grow as required.  But, to each their own.

>What size for each is highly dependant on the machine's usage.

I totally agree with this.

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