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Re: Adding a module

Arthur Ogawa wrote:
> Maurizio Firmani wrote:
> > I have installed the RHL on my PC since a month. Now I bought an
> > ethernet card 3C509 and I want to add to the kernel the module for
> > the card.
> >
> > First I used the control panel with no success, so I typed
> > from command line kernelcfg.
> Since I cannot run X, I also am seeking a way of altering the
> configuration that works from the command line. Has anyone a clue?
> Should I expect to get somewhere by running kernelcfg?

Are you trying to customize your kernel?
If so, compile a custom one following the guidelines in the kernel
It's really quite easy.

> > I chosed ADD, Module types:eth, Module
> > definition:eth0 and 3C509 then io=0x300, irq=10.
> My advice to you is to confirm your ethercard's hardware ID. For
> example, mine is a 3COM 3C905B-TX with a PCI ID of 10B7:9055. You might
> be able to divine this info for your machine by
> #dmesg | less

3c905 or 3c509?  It probably makes a difference!
I have used several 3c509s without any difficulty whatsoever.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevin marcal com

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