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Re: [Q] Sendmail wackyness! :)

> I fixed the stall contacting sendmail to send mail. :) But the stall when
> talking to the pop deamon (trying to get my mail remains)
> Well I was thinking about the DNS lookup stall thing, but it happens after
> I contact my linux box and I send the PASS command to the pop deamon. So
> unless pop is trying to figure out my DN before it lets me in (which will
> be impossible because I am on a l192.168.1.x subnet) I don't think that is
> it.  Though if it were the problem do you know how to fix it? :)

If you're on a local network with static local IP addresses, have your
local linux box be the authoritative DNS server for just your net to
just your net.

It's not entirely unfeasible that your POP3 daemon is trying to
determine who you are before deciding whether or not to allow you your
mail.  Which POP3 daemon are you using?

Joe Yao				jsdy tux org - Joseph S. D. Yao

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