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diagnostics and Internal ZIP

Last night I decided to reload my system from scratch in order to
resize the partitions on my boot disk.  I have installed the RH5.1
software on my system several times in the past without incident,
however, last night I started getting "general protection fault"
errors during different phases of the install.

In some cases the install would proceed for a minute or two and then
I would start seeing "bdflush: activated" messages followed by "bdflush
sleeping again" messages scrolling on the screen.  This might go on
for another minute or two, but eventually the install would terminate
with a message saying it was safe to reboot my system.  The errors
would occur either during the phase of the install where it was trying
to create filesystems on the disk, or during the phase where the
packages were being loaded.

The machine is a dual pentium II 350Mh motherboard, and I'm loading the
software on a SCSI disk attached to an adaptec 2940 controller.  As I
said earlier I have installed the software before on this system, so
does anyone know if there is any diagnostic software I can run to
make sure there are no hardware problems?

The second question is has anyone gotten an Iomega internal ZIP drive
to work with RH5.1?

While I'm at it, I'll ask a third question :-), does anyone know if
RH5.2 contains support for the Adaptec 7890 chipset?  The reason I
need to know is my motherboard has onboard SCSI using the Adaptec
7890 and I could not load RH5.1 running with the on board SCSI, and
to resort the the 2940.

Paolo Galtieri                            Senior Software Engineer
Motorola Computer Group                   INTERNET: peg phx mcd mot com
2900 S. Diablo Way                        VOICE: (602) 438 - 3754
Tempe, AZ 85282

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