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RE: Beginner Questions

Ok,  thanks for the Answer Marek,  I have seen the HOWTO lists and searched
the Redhat Archives.  Between them and the book I can't  find what might be
wrong.  I have a quick one maybe the list could help me with,

When I am installing Redhat on a 300 MB partitin with a 50MB swap partition
enabled as type82 as it starts to install the packages it gives me an error
about not being able to read the RPM database and exits out.  What might be
the possible cause of that?  And second,  when I am in the install and asked
to define the file systems,  it asks me for a mount point on the native
linux partition.  I have tried / and /usr and /var and  /cda and /cda/redhat
while they all allow the installation to continue I wonder if I am defining
the mount points wrong and causing the install to not be able to find the
RPMs or something and that's causing the install to bomb out.  Can anyone
shed any light on this for me?  Thanks a bunch!

matt meservey

3 main things for the beginner

The HOWTO documents which are located in /usr/doc/HOWTO or on the net.
The man pages (man [command] i.e. man ls to find out what ls does)
Mailing lists.  This is probably the best list for the beginner using
redhat distribution.

Hope this helps you.
Marek Dohojda
Carrera Computers, inc.
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