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Re: Rawrite fails on 5.2 boot image?

	I had the same problem once.  Same type of error messges.  It took me 
far too long to realize that I was using a double density floppy, not 
a high density floppy.  Do I have that backwards?    I forget which is 
which.  But anyways, you need the 1.44Meg floppy.  It's the one with 
the extra whole in the corner.
	Please don't ask me why I had those worthless little floppies around 
(and no flames about having old equipement). :-)

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On 11/19/98, 11:14:57 PM, Kyle B Ferrio <kyle U Arizona EDU> wrote 
regarding Rawrite fails on 5.2 boot image?:

> Hi,

> I've checked the list archives for this problem, but have just
> re-subscribed to this list.  I apologize if this has been covered.

> I'm trying to write boot.img (from the 5.2 tree) to a floppy.
> When run under MS-DOS mode, rawrite reports a missing address marker.
> When run in a DOS box under Win98, rawrite reports a bad sector.
> This happens on multiple floppies from multiple lots.

> So I tried rawrite2.  Same results.  What am I missing here?

> Thanks,
> Kyle

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