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Re: Dual Boot for Windows98 and Linux

Tom McGrath wrote:

> I am quite new to Linux, and have yet to even get a copy of Redhat 5.2
> Nonetheless, I am trying to learn as much as I can about what I need to
> do to set up a dual boot on a Windows 98 machine.  I have heard several
> different stories about the dangers of attempting a dual boot, and would
> like to know where I can learn what I need to be aware of to set up my
> machine thusly.
> I currently have my 8 gig hard drive partitioned so that there are 5
> gigs allocated for Windows98, and 3 gigs unformatted.  Currently, my
> Windows partition has about 800 megs of software and other data on it.
> What do I need to know from here?  I am expecting to get Linux any day,
> and would apprceciate any helpful suggestions.
> Sincerely,
> Tom McGrath
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You can do it.  I did it several months ago with Redhat 5.0 and Win95.  My
two cents:
1).  There are or were problems with the "Disk Druid" that shipped with 5.0
and I could not get it to work properly.  But fdisk (the linux fdisk, not the
DOS fdisk) while terse, works just fine.  I have no knowledge of whether this
was fixed in 5.2.

2)  Lots of stuff by default goes to your /home partition.  Especially if
you're lazy about deleting emails as I am.  Allocate more for this partition
than what they recommend or you'll soon wind up repartitioning.

3) One caveat here:  I treat my Win95 and my Linux as totally separate
systems.  I don't do a lot of reading of DOS partitions, windows emulation
etc.  That may be where some of the difficulties lie.  If I have to send
stuff from one to the other and it isn't too big, I email it to myself rather
than screw around.  Once or twice I've tried to read a DOS drive, and
whenever I do, I just copy the files and get the hell out.  It scares me.

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