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Re: Dual Boot for Windows98 and Linux


Well, When you have RedHat 5.2 in hand you will have a complete solution
to your problem in hand. In my opinion, that solution is not optimum,
but is sufficient.

Your system will consist of a primary partition for Windoze, at least
one primary partition for Linux, and a boot utility which allows you to
select the OS to be loaded at boot time.

Partitioning for Linux is covered in some detail in the RedHat
documentation. I recommend that you not confine Linux to a single

Linux includes a boot utility called LILO. LILO can be the only boot
utility for your system, in which case you will choose to install it in
the Master Boot Record (MBR), or you can employ some other boot utility.

The best known such utility is Boot Manager, which has been distributed
with OS2 for many years and is available at retail in Partition Magic
(PQMagic). I recommend Partition Magic and Boot Manager. Partition Magic
documentation addresses the fundamentals of partitioning well - quite
well in fact.

You will probably wish to reduce the size of your Windoze partition.
Unless you can now foresee more or less full use of that partition, it
is likely that you will be able to live forever in less than 1.5

The disk space not required by Windoze and Linux can be used for back up

Incidentally, Linux can see and manipulate the entire Windows partition,
but Windows cannot see the Linux partitions.

So, read the RedHat installation documentation, get PQMagic v4.0
(Earlier versions do not permit manipulation of Linux partitions), read
its documentation, and ask more questions.

Many pitfalls exist. I've been in a few of those pits.

Hang in there.
Tom McGrath wrote:
> I am quite new to Linux, and have yet to even get a copy of Redhat 5.2
> Nonetheless, I am trying to learn as much as I can about what I need to
> do to set up a dual boot on a Windows 98 machine.  I have heard several
> different stories about the dangers of attempting a dual boot, and would
> like to know where I can learn what I need to be aware of to set up my
> machine thusly.
> I currently have my 8 gig hard drive partitioned so that there are 5
> gigs allocated for Windows98, and 3 gigs unformatted.  Currently, my
> Windows partition has about 800 megs of software and other data on it.
> What do I need to know from here?  I am expecting to get Linux any day,
> and would apprceciate any helpful suggestions.
> Sincerely,
> Tom McGrath
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