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Re: Another Newbie Question

On Sat, 21 Nov 1998, Rob Hatfield wrote:

> I am getting ready to install Redhat 5.0 to my Win98 system and 
> make a dual boot system.  I have a couple questions though.
> I am giving Linux it's own harddrive (Drive #2).  Windows 98 will
> be contained all on drive 1.  I am going to install linux to a 
> 4 gig drive.
> question 1.  How would be the best way to partition my linux drive for
> future expansion.  In other words what size should I make what 
> partitions.  BTW my system has 64 megs of Ram.

Well it depends on your future plans.  But I'll suggest that your
/ (root directory), /home, and /usr and /var has its own partition.  So
that next time you reinstall your linux system, you only format your
/ directory.

> question2.  I do not think that I want to overwrite my MBR with LILO.
> So during the installation where should I install LILO and how will I be
> able to boot into linux.  I know that I need a boot disk.  But will the 
> installation program ask me to make one (installing from CD) or will
> I have to make one manually afterwards.

I always install LILO on my MBR.  But if don't wanna do this, try using
loadlin.exe, you can run this from dos and your linux system will be 

> question3.  If I have to make my boot disk manually how will I get into
> linux the first time to do this.

I haven't try this on redhat yet.  but on slackware its

i think you will specify the hard drive containing your kernel.
example is

	/dev/hda1 -- first hard disk, first partition
	/dev/hda2 -- first hard disk, second part.
	/dev/hdb1 -- second hard disk, first partition.

> I have read all the HOWTO's I can find.  But I can't find anything that
> mentions installing linux other than by writing LILO to the MBR.
> They all mention being able to boot from floppy as an alternative but
> none of them see to tell you how to do this.

You'll find this in HOWTOs.

I'll suggest that "man" and "HOWTOs" are your bestfriend in
linux system administration.

OKAY....Hope it works

chino aureus
adnet system administrator

> thanks in advance,
> Rob
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