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HD size unsupported by BIOS, multiple OS

I can't get Linux to load onto my Packard Bell 486x66 with a new 2.7GB 
Maxtor hard drive.  The BIOS doesn't support the large hard drive and 
requires that you boot the computer from the hard drive using special 
Maxtor software.  I tried letting Linux partition the hard drive and it 
installed, but won't boot.  Then I tried letting Windows 95 partition 
the hard drive, but the Linux install won't modify the Windows 95 
partitions.  Packard Bell doesn't support the BIOS anymore, so I can't 
upgrade it.  Is there a way to make this work?

If not, I could put the hard drive onto my Windows 98 PC as a slave 
drive and load Linux on it.  If I do this, will Linux object to the OS 
that's already installed?  It doesn't seem to want to modify partitions 
that have already been defined.

Liz Beckman

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