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RE: multiple instances of X


  startx -- :1

This works on debian anyway.  I haven't tried it on Redhat,
but would be (mildly) surprised if it didn't work.


p.s.:  You can even use "startx xinitrc_file -- :1" and have different
xinitrc_file(s) which start different window managers for even a single

On Tuesday, October 13, 1998 6:23 PM, redhat-install-list   
[SMTP:redhat-install-list redhat com] wrote:
> I would very much like to run X in two consoles on the same machine   
> different user ids. i.e. - user 1 logs in and starts X, and works away
> happily. Later, user 2 changes to a different virtual console screen,   
logs in
> and types startx the following error appears:
> Fatal server error:
> Server is already active for display 0
>  If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock and start   
> Is there some way that this can be done? Am I allowed only one instance   
of X
> per physical machine?
> Other info: RH 5.1, ver 2.0.35 on Dell Optiplex 166 Mhz, 64 MB RAM,   
> ver 3.3.2r11
> TIA.
> - Steve
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