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Re: Install Problems

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From: Andrews . Glenn <GAndrews drc com>
To: 'redhat-install-list redhat com' <redhat-install-list redhat com>
Date: Tuesday, October 13, 1998 3:02 PM
Subject: Install Problems

> I am having the hardest time trying to install RedHat Linux 5.1
>I have downloaded 5.1 from ftp.lame.org.  I then created the BOOT and
>SUPPLEMENTARY floppies using rawrite. My PC boots up just fine with the
>BOOT disk, when I get to the Installation Path I select FTP,

If you've downloaded 5.1 from FTP.LAME.ORG, why do you need an FTP path?

If you need an FTP path to ftp.lame.org, you have two problems...

1) You HAVE NOT downloaded the operating system, only the boot floppies.
2) Internet installs normally fail.

You should download the entire RH "tree" and then install from your DOS
Better yet just buy the CD! For as cheap as you can get it, why bother with
an FTP install!

> I then put
>in the SUPP disk but I can't seem to get much farther than "Setup SCSI"
>Sometimes I will get the SCSI prompt, other times I will get to the
>"DISK DRUID, FDISK" prompt but I can't seem to get beyond that.

If you have a SCSI card and a SCSI device, this normally indicates inproper
termination. Don't assume you have it correctly configured because it worked
under dos!

> I noticed that the BOOT disk is DOS readable is the SUPP disk?
>all I get is either an empty disk directory or "Abort, Retry, Fail"

Neither are DOS readable!

> I have a really basic system, nothing fancy pretty bare bones..
>Its's a Compaq Deskpro XE560, 8MB Ram, 250MB hd, 3Com Etherlink II 3C509,
>SuperVGA video card.

Get more RAM, and HD space, you'll need it!


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