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RE: Any good Linux IRC channels?

I suggest that you NEVER ask if you can ask a question.  That really does
irritate people.  If you have a question then just ask it.

If you haven't bothered to read the FAQ's or HowTo's then you may also get
little sympathy.  Often newbies ask the same questions over and over again
instead of showing some initiative and reading the doc's prepared just for them.


On 18-Oct-98 Brad . wrote:
> Does anyone know of a good Linux new-user IRC channel? I have visited 
> several of them but the only users there seem to be experienced 
> sysop-types who couldn't be bothered helping a newbie. I have been 
> kicked off a couple without any consultation for logging on and asking 
> the question, "Can anyone answer a few new-user Linux questions?" Even 
> if they let you stay they just ignore you.
> The arrogance seems to be very prevalent on Linux IRC and it is getting 
> increasingly frustrating to try and make some sense out of Linux & 
> Samba.
> Brad
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Date: 18-Oct-98
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