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Re: Newbie needs help: Can I speed up X?

>>> Vidiot <brown ftms COM> 10/16 10:16 PM >>>
>In any event, what speed problem?  What do you mean by SLOW?  Please explain
>what it is doing that makes you think it is slow.

Launching Apps takes longer than in windows 95.  The system seems sluggish
when switching between applications.  

>  What is the speed of you 
>CPU and most importantly, how fast is your display card?

This is a Pentium 133
The Display is integrated ( Notebook PC )  It is PCI with 1Meg video RAM

>I run 5.0 (2.0.33), Cyrix P200L+, 96 MB RAM.  I am running OpenWindows and
>olvwm and when I switch between desktops. the screen is updated practically
>instantly.  I've not seen anything to slow down my display and I'm running
>1024x768 truecolor (24-bit).
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