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Re: A UPS question

Go to APC's website www.apcc.com and find your model.  When you say 
it has a serial i/o port, you mean the 9 pin d connector right?  If so that 
_usually_ is for power signalling (just what you need) and you'll have order 
the proper cable for it. I bought one for my UPS, a BACK UPS 1250 and it 
cost about cdn$30. Works for both NT and Linux. I think it was known as 
the lanman(ager) cable. There is an rpm for this on the RH cdrom, but I 
forget what it is called at this time.

Cheap? well I picked mine up used at a computer fair for $150 and it will 
run 6 computers for almost an hour (no monitors) and one computer for 
about 4 hours (again no monitor)

On 19 Oct 98, at 16:48, Timothy King wrote:

> One or twice a week, I will have a short (< 5 sec.) power outage at my
> home, rudely bringing down my RH 5.1 box.  I bought a $99 APC UPS (no
> model number, just "APC Office").  I wanted to see it I could have the box
> do a "shutdown -h" after 5 minutes. I looked at the UPS HOWTO and it
> refers to using a serial port link for the box and UPS to talk to each
> other.  The UPS's skimpy user guide does not mention this.  The UPS does
> have a serial in/out ports, but I assume this is just for surge protection
> for the modem.  
> Has anyone got a cheap UPS to somehow signal the box to shutdown?  If not,
> I guess the UPS is still worth having to avoid short power outages.

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