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Configuring /etc/ppp/options.cua3

I have redhat 5.0 kernel 2.0.32 and trying to finish couple of
configuration files to have my system configured as PPP server. Just
having couple of hard times with the following file, configured
specifically for my modem line on /dev/cua3.

In /etc/ppp/options.cua3, I have:
( of   my Linux box that I ve transformed as a ppp
server):(209172.9.152:my firts dial up line)

Days before, I had trouble understanding (209172.9.152:my firts dial up
line), and you generously told me that
this is a Dns entry and hostname assigned to my first dial up line.
Let s go back to basic:
My linux  redhat 5.0/kernel 2.0.32 machine has an IP of
(it s the IP of its ethernet card).

I) Say, my friend John wants to dial into my Linux machine using the
phone line a  ttached to my modem (
/dev/cua3). Should I use the IP of my friend s machine as The Dns entry
for that dial up line (/dev/cua3)??
Or, should I choose an IP of my choice and decide that it will be
assigned to the dial up line??

II) But how to assign a dns entry to my dial up line??
should I just go in /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf and add an entry
like: jim.allama.com ( jim.allama.com is the name of my linux
But that would conflict with the real IP of my machine which is

Also, just telling you that there s no dns server setted on my linux
machine. Just
a simple linux machine connected dynamically to my ISP. with mgetty and
IP masquerade
on it.


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