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RE: blocking ports - ICQ and real audio

A little off topic, IMHO, but definitely worthy of response.  Perhaps you should consider the incredible value communications tools such as ICQ (not Real Audio) bring to your employees.  Ability to instantaneously tap into the network of experts in the field makes ICQ an unbeatable tool.  We are in the process of reconfiguring our firewall to allow ICQ use by employees for this very reason.  It's cheaper than the telephone, faster than email, and is inexpensive to install and maintain.  Maybe you should meter the bandwith of each and compare before casting stones as this great program.  Someone else will have to defend Real Audio, as I have it but only for recreational purposes :P 
-I don't work for ICQ, but preach loudly to the masses anyway.
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Subject: blocking ports - ICQ and real audio

Can anyone tell me which ports real audio and ICQ run on?

I've got an office with limited bandwidth and want to stop the time and resource wastage from people using these programmes.



PS. I'm not anti either of these programmes but when I'm trying to use command line tools on a server at the other end of my small isdn line the lag is killing me.

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