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Re: Adding IDE Interface to 486 System

Try checking out www.promise.com  They sell IDE cards.  Or at least _used_ to.


rick hamell wrote:

> > Greetings!  I am in the process of ressurrecting an older 486 to use with
> > Linux.  The system has one IDE connector and the CMOS setup only has room
> > for two drives.  I have two HD's and one CDROM I want to install in this
> > machine.
> >
> > Is there an ISA card that I could purchase to add the extra IDE interface
> > and would Linux be able to use the extra interface?
>         Yes, it's called a dual port IDE card. Good luck finding one
> though! Make sure you get documentation with it, as you'll probally end
> up buying a used one.
>                                         Rick
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