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RE: Kernel panic!


Basically what the error means is that your kernel wasn't able to load
properly.  That is due either because you didn't compile the correct
disk support.  For instance if you have IDE drive you have to make sure
that IDE is compiled to the kernel.  If you have SCSI drive you have to
make sure that SCSI is compiled into the kernel, and the correct drive
has to be compiled as well.  Also you want to make sure that ext2 file
system is compiled into your kernel, you will need that.  Other then
that there might be other problems within your kernel that can cause
such a failure, so yes do use your emergency disk.  Go into Linux and
recompile your kernel.  One other think you want to be careful of.  When
you set something as a module, it is not compiled into the kernel.
Therefore you have to add the module later.  For example if you did your
SCSI driver as a module and then compiled the kernel, but didn't add the
module you will not be able to start your computer, because you don't
actually have the right driver installed.

Hope this helps you
Marek Dohojda
Carrera Computers

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> Subject:	Kernel panic!
> Help, 
> I recompiled my kernel on redhat 5.1. When I rebooted, the boot-up 
> halted. The message is :
> Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 08:01
> What have I done? Can I reboot with an emergency disk and then 
> repair the damage? And what is the damage?
> Help, SteveW
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