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Re: ipmasq/ipfwadm troubles

Boy I'ld -REALLY- like to know the answer to this one...

Even the "default" cookbook IP_MASQ recipe does not work...

Wanna see something funny...

Wait 15 minutes then type

"rmmod ip_masq_ftp"

Now go to your web browser and FTP away!

... but unfortunately your other ftp "clients" will no longer work...

I've posted similiar questions on the IP_MASQ Mailing list but they claimed
I was the only one to ever report this... Since then I've been contacted by
3 other people all having similiar results...

If you get a chance post this on the Mailing List...


-----Original Message-----
From: Harondel J. Sibble <help pdscc com>
To: redhat-install-list redhat com <redhat-install-list redhat com>
Date: Sunday, October 25, 1998 1:04 AM
Subject: ipmasq/ipfwadm troubles

Howdy folks, having a bit of trouble with my firewall/masq setup. I am
running it via an adsl hookup from bctel. I am using the ruleset from the
"Linux Network Toolkit" by Paul G. Sery

The problem is that passive ftp (as in via webbrowser) doesn't work, smtp,
pop3 and command line ftp from another linux box work fine. Even http
works fine, just pasv ftp is the problem.

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